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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The King's Speech--Amy Says

Ah, for me it wasn’t just Colin Firth which dragged me to the movie …although I won’t lie, it was a huge selling point. For me it was the story of two people who I have admired for a long, long, long time. Now, I never lived when George VI reigned. In fact I was five when their grandson Prince Charles had his fairy tale wedding to Princess Diana. I come from a LONG line of United Empire Loyalists, so the history of the monarchy has been ingrained into my brain.

I am a Royalist. Faithful to the Crown through-and-through. From a young age I have been captivated, by what I feel is a true story of courage and romance, with King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon aka The Queen Mum.

I knew every moment coming. I knew exactly what to suspect, but still the movie utterly enthralled me; froze me to the spot with the magnificent acting of Academy Award Winner Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter. When David spoke harshly and teased Bertie mercilessly I was shaking my fist ready to leap through the screen and wring his selfish neck. I have never thought David and Wallis’s story romantic. To me, it was selfish. I was also ready to smack Wallis as she made fun of the Queen Mum.

Anyways, I digress. I wept when Bertie wept, I felt my throat constrict as he tried to speak and cheered him as he delivered a speech which captured the British Empire. I felt a great swelling of pride for my heritage, as I come from English roots.

I could go on and on, boring you with numerous historical facts, but let’s just say it was an Oscar well deserving. I usually don’t watch the Oscar’s, but I had to watch and see if The King’s Speech won, and it did. It was well deserving. Congrats Colin Firth, and to the writer who also overcame his own speech impediment.

As far as historical movies go, The King’s Speech has moved to the top of my list. By the way, did you notice that Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) played Mrs. Logue, and I fan girl squee’d the moment she curtsied in front of the king (Mr. Darcy). I know, I’m such a nerd. 

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